keskiviikko 30. lokakuuta 2013

How to bypass geoblock and watch / live streams

This is a simple tutorial how to bypass geoblock and watch or live streams without using proxy server or VPN. All you need is Google Chrome browser and Change HTTP Request Header extension.

Fire up Chrome, download & install the extension.

Click Options

Click Add...

Click the newly created header (New1383141524046). Change header name to X-Forwarded-For. You can leave the descr. field empty.

Click Presets and paste/type following lines to the presets field


Click Save and you are all done.

Let's test how the extension works. Go to If you are outside sweden (like me) you should see something like... --->

Click the Change HTTP Request Header icon. (top right corner, next to address bar)

Open the X-Forwarded-For drop-down menu and select SE.

Now simply refresh the page and enjoy the SVT1 live stream. outside norway  ( --->

Select NO from drop-down menu...

...refresh the page and enjoy the stream. :)

16 kommenttia:

  1. So this doesn't work from the US unfortunately, thought I'd let you know!

  2. how about Denmark IP? can you give the number, please?

    1. Denmark IP? You mean for This trick doesn't work for

    2. do you know how to watch from outside Denmark?
      how about watching svt or nrk from firefox?

      well, thanks

  3. Dude I was looking for this solution for so long that I have already lost hope and then I found your tutorial. THANK YOU!

    I was learning norwegian and wanted to watch some of the programs but most of interesting content was blocked outside Norway. Now I can watch everything and learn why watching cool stuff. Thanks man you saved christmas

  4. Hi the plugin seems to be removed, is there an another plugin?

  5. The plugin has been removed :( Damn, it worked so well. Any new suggestions?

  6. I tried ModHeader and it works.
    Just add name and value.

    1. How to activate ModHeader after you put the name, value, and green checklist?
      SVT still detected me as foreign IP

  7. is this possible to do on the icelandic tv station ? if so how can i find the ip adress?

  8. I can receive SVT as far as Hongkong without bypassing geoblocking, I can watch Nrk, Yle and Svt at the SAME time!

    Actually, I watch programs they have not geoblocked. In fact, Rapport, Aktuellt, Nyhetstecken, Uutiset and other news programs can be received in my region (Live streaming works also!). Most of SVT programs are unblocked - except contents that includes others' work.

  9. NRK is now blocking me from seing it. However if someone would like to see Danmark they can use DE=